My Zoho Interview Experience | August 2019

My Zoho Interview Experience | August 2019

On Campus

Hi Friends, I am here to share my On-Campus Zoho Interview Experience.Totally there were 5 rounds.

1st Round (Written Test-75 Mins)

It contains 10 C-Programming Questions(Mostly from Arrays, loops and pointer) & 10 General Aptitude (Clocks, Work&Time, Area, Seating Arrangement and height).

Totally 150 students attended this round and 24 students gets shortlisted to the next round.

2nd Round (Coding/Programming Round-2 Hours)

In this round they gave 4 Programming Question.
First we have to tell the logic for the program , if it is optimized logic then they will permit us to Code . Otherwise we have to tell another optimized logic.

  1. To print snake pattern using only two loop
  2. To get the sum with the minimum number of count using “Binary-Decimal” numbers (Ex: 11, 10, 101,111..)
  3. Program to find whether the given matrix is Upper triangular or Lower triangular.
  4. Program to perform operations in given string. (Note: Operator precedence not considered)

In 24 students , only 4 students shortlisted to 3rd round.

3rd Round (Advance Programming Round-3 Hours)

In that, we have to design and code for a given module. They gave Invoice Management system to design and they set some criteria we should code to satisfy for all those criteria mentioned below.

  1. Design the system (they must agree with the design before you can proceed)
  2. Print Total number of invoices and the total amount spent, given the customer name or phone number.
  3. A total number of invoices in the system.
  4. Given invoice reference number, print complete invoice.

In 4 of them, only 3 of them are passed this round.

4th Round (Technical HR )

They asked questions from Resume. They mostly asked questions about DBMS Table, Join Queries, Puzzles and they told me to create table and relationships for Invoice Management which we did in 3rd round. Questions depend upon the HR and your resume.

5th round (General HR)

They asked questions like

  • What do you know about Zoho?
  • Tell me about your family?
  • How was the interview?
  • How long will you work in this company?
  • Any Higher Studies Plan?
  • Do you have any questions?

After the fifth round, 2 of them got an offer letter and one of them got an internship.

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