Program to Reverse the Given Sentence

Program to Reverse the Given Sentence

This program will Reverse the Given Sentence and Print the Sentence .

Input :

Welcome to Wisdom Overflow

Output :

Overflow Wisdom to Welcome

Logic To Reverse the Sentence :

  • Get the Sentence from the User and Store it in a String .
  • For reversing , We need to get the First Last word and Print it .Next is the Second last word , etc . . .
  • Traverse the String in reverse order and while Seeing a ” Space ” it indicates we have got a Word in the Sentence .
  • Now Print the Characters until a ” Space ” is seen again .
  • By repeating these steps we will get all word except the first word so, another Loop is used to print the first Word .

Program :

using namespace std;
int main()
    string sentence;
    cout<<"Enter the Sentence:"; 
    getline(cin,sentence);     //read string with spaces 
    int length=sentence.size();     //calculates string length 
    for(int i=length-1;i>=0;i--)
        if(sentence[i]==' ')      //if condition to split words
            int k=i+1;
            while((sentence[k]!=' ')&&(k!=length))      //while used to print the splitted word
            cout<<" ";
    length=0;      //n=0 for print the first word
    //loop to print the first word
    while((sentence[length]!=' ')&&(sentence[length]!='\0'))      //'/0' is important if a single word is given as sentence
                                          //remove '/0' and enter single word to know its importance
    return 0;

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A Programmer who have his programming skills on C,C++, Java and also interested in Android Development. He follows the famous quotes by Linus Torvalds ” Talk is cheap, Show me the code “ .
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