Introduction to Embedded Technologies

Introduction to Embedded Technologies

Hi folks,

I’m working on embedded technologies majorly on Linux software. Here I would like to summarize the stuffs that I have learned so far.

Below are the technologies that can be present in a typical high-end complex embedded system.

  1. Processor(s) – widely ARM processor is being used
  2. Serial interfaces
    • UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
    • I2C – Inter-integrated Circuit
    • SPI – Serial Peripheral Interfaces
    • USB – Universal Serial Bus
  3. Storage systems
    • ROM – Read-only Memory
    • NOR flash memory
    • NAND flash memory
    • eMMC – embedded MultiMediaCard
    • SD, SDIO – Secure Digital, Secure Digital Input Output
  4. Peripherals, interfaces and other miscellaneous hardware components in SoC
    • DDR – Double Data Rate
    • GPIO – General Purpose Input/Output pins
    • Various buses like AHB, AXI, etc.
    • Clock controller
    • Oscillators
    • PCIe – Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
    • Crypto block
    • LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
    • Jtag – Joint Test Action Group interface
    • Audio
    • Ethernet interfaces
    • Bluetooth module
    • Zigbee module
    • Power control module
    • Other remote processors / co-processors inside the SoC for various applications
    • Power regulators
    • PHY modules
    • Various external hardware connectors like USB connector, PCIe connectors, etc.
    • LEDs for various functional indications

In the upcoming articles, I would like to explain in detail of my understanding and knowledge in some of the above components.

Also, I will try to explain on the various software features in Linux Kernel.

I will also post on other stuffs that I have come across that will be helpful to other people working on Embedded Systems.

Balaji Prakash