Check if single swap can make strings equal

Check if single swap can make strings equal

You are given two strings s1 and s2. Return true if a single swap can make strings equal. We have to make both strings equal by performing at most one string swap on exactly one of the strings.  Otherwise, return false.

Note: A string swap is an operation where you choose two indices in a string and swap the characters at these indices. 

Example 1:

Input: s1 = "bank", s2 = "kanb"
Output: true
Explanation: For example, swap the first character(k) with the last character(b) of s2 to make "bank".

Example 2:

Input: s1 = "attach", s2 = "defend"
Output: false
Explanation: It is impossible to make them equal with one string swap.

Example 3:

Input: s1 = "kelb", s2 = "kelb"
Output: true
Explanation: The two strings are already equal, so no string swap operation is required.


Let’s take example 1. Index 0 and Index 3 of the stringsbank” and “kanb” do not match. The total no of mismatches is 2. If the no. of mismatch is 2 a single swap can make strings equal. We store and compare the mismatched characters.  Base cases of the problem are,

  • If two strings have different lengths, return false.
  • When no.of.mismatch exceeds 2, the strings cannot be made equal with one swap.
  • When no.of.mismatch is 0, then already strings are equal
  • When no.of.mismatch is 1(Ex: s1=”Car” s2=”Cat“), then swap is not possible


public boolean areAlmostEqual(String s1, String s2) 
    //Two strings have different lengths, can't be made equal with swap
    if(s1.length() != s2.length())
        return false;

    //To store the mismatched characters in each string, Atmost 2 mismatched character allowed in each string. 
    char[] ch1 = new char[2];
    char[] ch2 = new char[2];

    int j = 0, noOfMismatch = 0;

    for(int i =0; i<s1.length(); i++)
        if(s1.charAt(i) != s2.charAt(i)) 

            if(noOfMismatch >2 )
                 return false;

            ch1[j] = s1.charAt(i);
            ch2[j] = s2.charAt(i);


    //Compare the mismatched characters and check if swap can make strings equal
        //Example 1 : s1 = "bank", s2 = "kanb"
        // ch1[0] = 'b' & ch2[1] = 'b'
        // ch1[1] = 'k' & ch2[0] ='k'

    return noOfMismatch == 0 || (noOfMismatch == 2 && (ch1[0] == ch2[1]) && (ch1[1] == ch2[0]) );




Time Complexity – O(n) since we traverse the input array of length n only once

Space Complexity – O(1) constant space is used

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