Informatica Interview Experience

This is my Informatica Interview Experience for the Software Developer role. Informatica is an American product based company which develops data management products. Applied through LinkedIn, interview got scheduled within few days.

Round 1

  1. Find the first repeating character in the array.
    • Input [ 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 ] Output : 3
    • Solution
  2. Reverse the String using recursion.
  3. What is deadlock and how to avoid avoid that? Write a program to create deadlock scenario in java.
  4. Write a program to find a string from the list of strings using java 8.
  5. Other basic questions like hashmap, oops

Round 2

  1. Implement a MaxStack ( modified version of stack data structure ). Max Stack must perform all the basic stack operations and also return the maximum element in the stack at any point of time.
  2. Given the n*m matrix check if it is possible to reach bottom right corner from the top left corner cell.
    • Can move in 4 direction from each cells ( no diagonal wise)
    • Can jump only based on the cell value. If cell value is 3, then you can jump to the 3rd cell from that cell in 4 direction.
    • Solved using DFS
  3. Can we override static? If not why?
  4. What happens when exception is thrown in finally block?
  5. Can we declare main method as non static? will it work?
  6. When does OutOfMemory occurs?
  7. How to immutable list of objects from a class?

Round 3

  1. Design a Low Level Design for a website which is used to sell computers. We discussed few things like
    • What is class structure and what classes are needed?
    • What is the API structure?
    • Scalability of each approach.
  2. Write a program where given a date find the corresponding day. [ Input: Aug 28 , 2022 Output: Sunday ] Should not use any inbuilt classes. Hint:  Aug 14, 1970 is Thursday.

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