M2P Fintech Interview Experience | 2022

This is my M2P Fintech Interview Experience for the role of Software Developer. M2P fintech is an API infrastructure company which connects banks and fintech companies.

Round 1

  1. What are Interfaces in java 8? Difference between abstract class and Interface?
  2. TreeMap implements which interface?
  3. Difference between Abstraction vs Encapsulation?
  4. How to create custom Runtime Exception?
  5. Difference between ArrayList vs LinkedList? Which is the best for retrieval?
  6. What is deadlock? Have you faced any in your project?
  7. Write a program to sort the list of employee objects by salary. If two employee have same salary sort by name. Solved using Comparator and Collections sort. Solution
  8. Write a program to find the largest word in a sentence. Avoid specials characters while calculating word length.
  9. What is overloading? which method will be call in below code?
 class A
             public static void main(String[] arg) throws Exception
                Integer num = 10;
            static void overload(int n)
            static void overload(Integer n)
                System.out.println("Non Primitve");

Round 2

  1. Why String is immutable? What is String pool
  2. Write SQL to get the Employee with third largest salary. Employee table contains Name and Salary columns.
  3. Write program to check if two strings are anagrams.
  4. Write a program to group the anagrams together. Leetcode link
  5. How many singleton objects can be created in multicore processor?
  6. What is Tightly coupled vs Loosely coupled?
  7. Internal Implementation of HashMap
  8. What is garbage collection? How to initiate garbage collection?
  9. What is parallel Streams in Java 8?

Round 3

Had a call with HR regarding the package expectation and other benefits involved. This is the overral M2P fintech Interview Experience

Result : Selected

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