RocketLane Interview Experience

This is my RocketLane Interview Experience for Software Engineer Role. RocketLane is SaaS startup which build Customer Onboarding Software.

Round 1

  1. Sort the array based on the frequency of each item. Solution with explanation
  2. Given the after matrix which is formed using some algorithm. Find the before matrix used to form this. Solution

Round 2

This is started with technical questions and ended with an System Design question

  1. What happens when url entered in browser?
  2. What is LoadBalancer?
  3. How to change port number in tomcat?
  4. Explain the architecture of the application you worked on?

Design Question ( Rocket Cars )

Problem Description:

You are in charge of maintaining a leaderboard for a game named Rocketcars. The game is played by players across the globe by visiting rocketc, where they are matched with opponents. Once 2 players are matched against each other they play the game and are awarded a victory or loss at the end of it. The result of the game determines the player’s rating, which is a number between 0 – 2000. For example a player with rating 1000 would be awarded +10 points after a victory.

Design a leaderboard that is accessible at such that it displays 2 views

  1. The top 5 players for this game across the globe.
  2. 2 players above and below any given arbitrary player

Rocket Cars

Design constraints

  • 30 million players play Rocketcars every month
  • 2 million matches occur every day


Design the components that will bring the leaderboard together. Here are some components that this system will need to get your started…

  • Persistent store (such as a database)
  • A schema for the data
  • Web and Application Servers
  • Cache
  • API for updating and retrieving the Rating data

Result: Selected

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