Quinbay Interview Experience | 2022


This is Quinbay Interview Experience for the Software Developer Role. Quinbay is an Indonesian E-commerce company which has offices in Bangalore, Coimbatore etc. I was interviewed for Coimbatore location.

Round 1

  1. Difference between ArrayList vs LinkedList?
  2. Internal Implementation of ArrayList, LinkedList?
  3. You have 1k items. You are reading and updating, which will you use ArrayList or LinkedList?
  4. OOPS concepts
  5. Difference between Set, Map, List
  6. Write a Simple thread program  in java.
  7. Write a query to find the second largest salary  from the employee table.
  8. Given a array of positive integers, print the total even numbers. You should combine two odd numbers to form even number before computing the result.
    • Input [ 2, 3, 5, 4 ] , Output : 3,  Explanation: Here 3, 5 are combined to form one even number.

Round 2

  1. Write a query to find the second largest salary grouped by each department from the employee table.
  2. Given a string, for each repeating calculate the index value ( a = 0, b= 1). Then print the indexed character from ‘z’  in backwards.
    1. Ex: Input: “ccb” here ‘c’ is the repeating. Index of c is 3. Output is “x” ( 3rd char from “z”)

Round 3

This is an Hiring manager round. It involved basic project, reason for switch etc. I asked about the company, technologies used, total engineering employees etc. Then we had package discussion. This is the overall Quinbay Interview Experience

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The founder of Wisdom Overflow. Software Developer at Zoho Corporation.
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