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How to prepare for Zoho?

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Im studying college 3rd year. What should i study to get placed in zoho?

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Sree Hari Sanjeev
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Hi, zoho interview includes four rounds 

1) Aptitude/C one mark - 40 questions

2)Basic Programming - 6 questions

3)Advanced Programming - 1 question

4)HR round

Most of the people get filtered in the first round. First, you should prepare aptitude and one mark. C one mark will be output question most of the time. 

Second round contains most frequently asked programming questions like merge sorted array, rotate matrix etc. You can find list of frequently asked questions in the links given below
Zoho Interview Questions - Set 1
Zoho Interview Questions - Set 2

Third round will be little tough and the question will be based on the real time usecase like railway reservation, invoice management system etc.

If you have cleared this round, then you have almost cleared Zoho. 

Check Zoho Interview Experience for more details. 

All the Best!