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Welcome to Wisdom Overflow !!

It is very difficult to find well commented, efficient code these days. So we are here to explain interview programs of a top MNC’s. Our code is understandable even for the naive beginners.


Sreehari Sanjeev

The founder and CEO of Wisdom Overflow. His enthusiasm and efforts have taken the blog to the next level. You will be motivated just by taking a look at his daily schedule.
Email: sreeharisanjeev5@gmail.com


Vignesh Vicky

A Computer Science graduate who likes to make things simpler. When he’s not working, you can find him surfing the web, learning facts, tricks and life hacks. He also enjoys movies in his leisure time.
Email: evignesh.tvm@gmail.com


Suriya Prakas

A Programmer who have his programming skills on C,C++, Java and also interested in Android Development. He follows the famous quotes by Linus Torvalds ” Talk is cheap, Show me the code “ .
Email: kmsuriya27@gmail.com


Karthi Thangavel

Amazed by computer science and engineering, he is a technology lover who enjoys being a part of a web and software development. Off from work, you can find him in love with movies, food, and friends.
Email: natpukarthi@gmail.com