Zoho Interview Experience | July 2019

On-Campus Interview Experience This is an on-campus zoho interview experience of john studying in Knowledge College of Engineering, Salem.   First-round This round contained both aptitude and Output prediction of C program, based on that we were divided into two groups. Second-round Question 1: Word will be given which is always odd length then you […]

Find max amount railway station can earn | LinkedIN

Question This is Linkedin interview program. There are ‘n’ ticket windows in the railway station, ith window has ai tickets available. Price of a ticket is equal to the number of tickets remaining in that window at that time. When ‘m’ tickets have been sold, what’s the maximum amount of money the railway station can earn? EX: […]

Sort the array based on position without extra space

Question: Write a program to sort the array based on position. Sort odd position elements in descending order and even position elements in ascending order. Must not use any extra array. Logic The logic is very simple, sort the odd position elements separately and even position elements separately. Use insertion sorting method to sort the […]