C Program to create AVL Tree | 4 types of rotation

Prerequisite: Data_structures_algorithms/avl_tree_algorithm c-program-to-create-a-binary-search-tree AVL Tree and Conditions to rotate them Visualizer to see how AVL tree works Logic This is a C program to create an AVL tree. Balancing factor, data and height are stored for each node. The balancing factor must be –1,0 or 1. Check for balancing condition on each insertion and deletion. […]

C Program To Find GCD & Common Factors of Two Numbers (Euclidean Algorithms)

Question Write a program to find common factors of two numbers using Euclidean algorithm. First of all find GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) of two numbers using this algorithm then find the common factor of GCD. Methods to Find GCD  Method I : Program to find GCD of two numbers Method II : Basic Euclidean Algorithm for GCD […]

C Program To Play Flames Game | CodeChef | HackerRank

Flames Game Flames Game is a relationship calculating algorithm famous between the youngsters. At the time of graduation everyone might heard about this and many of them tried out this secretly. Some took this as very serious also. So what FLAMES stance for? F – Friends L – Lovers A – Affection M – Marriage […]