Invoice Management System | ZOHO 3rd round

Invoice Management System The code should satisfy the criteria given below. They should able to add customer. They should able to add an invoice for a customer. Add items for a specific invoice. Display all customer details. Display all invoice details. Display all invoices for a specific customer. Display details of an invoice. Invoice Management […]

Number pattern program print in down up approach

Number pattern program print in down up approach Logic: Get the row size from the user. The below steps are executed for (2*n)-1 times. Determine the starting position to store the count value. Then decrement row value and increment column value. At last, print the array to display patterns. Explanation: a=>stores the pattern value, n=>number […]

My Mistral Solutions Interview Experience | 2019

Off-Campus: Hi friends, Here i share my Mistral Solutions interview experience July 2019. There were 5 rounds. Mistral Solutions is a technology design and system engineering company providing end-to-end services for product development and deployment. 1st Round: This round was MCQ Round. They asked 15 Questions in each section. They give 30 minutes for each […]

Samsung interview questions | Set 1

Samsung Interview Questions Samsung  is conducting an off-campus drive for freshers, graduates, and postgraduates through Off-Campus and On-Campus. Also, the representatives of Samsung are ready to recruit a large number of students through off-campus drive and pool campus drive. The salary offered by Samsung is also high. These are the Samsung interview questions. There are […]