Program to perform string operations | ZOHO

Program to perform string operations. ie Operator precedence is not considered   Logic: Get the input from the user which contains numbers followed by operators. The count of numbers is n means then operators must be n-1 otherwise input will be wrong. ie.,123-+(correct) The operators and numbers don’t collide they must be in a separated […]

TCS NQT Set 4 | Day 1 2020 | vikramaditya astrology

TCS NQT Set 4  Our hoary culture had several great persons since time immemorial and king vikramaditya’s nava ratnas (nine gems) belong to this ilk. They are named in the following shloka: Among these, Varahamihira was an astrologer of eminence and his book Brihat Jataak is recokened as the ultimate authority in astrology. He was […]