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Sree Hari Sanjeev

      Data Structure

  1. C Program to create AVL Tree | 4 types of rotation
  2. Program for Breadth First Search of Graph | Amazon
  3. Operations on Min Heap | Walmart | Synopsys
  4. Merge Two Sorted List | Microsoft | Samsung
  5. Program to add two numbers represented as List
  6. Insert a node at a specific position in LinkedList
  7. To find nth to last element of a Singly LinkedList
  8. C program to find Height of Binary Tree | Amazon
  9. Kth Largest and Smallest in Binary Search Tree | Part2
  10. C program to create a Binary Search Tree | Part1
  11. Check if Linked List is Palindrome | Amazon
  12. Find the middle element in linked list | Microsoft
     Most Frequently asked interview questions
  1. Rat in a Maze puzzle | Backtracking
  2. Find max amount railway station can earn | LinkedIN
  3. Print the Maximum possible K digit number
  4. C program to find Pangrams | HackerRank
  5. Employee management using File in C
  6. Exit Point in a Matrix | Samsung
  7. Program to print array in Pendulum arrangement
  8. 1[0]1 Pattern Count | Samsung
  9. Triplet Sum in Array | Amazon | Samsung
  10. To find all palindrome sub-strings using java
  11. C program for String Reversal | Samsung
  12. Medium Sum Set Problem | Hackerearth
  13. Large Sub-Arrays | Hackerearth
  14. New Year Chaos | HackerRank
  15. C program to find count of specific character
  16. C program to find GCD of two numbers
  17. C program to find LCM of two numbers
  18. Mini Cash Counter Application program in C
  19. Find frequency of characters using Hashmap
  20. Smallest alphabet greater than given character
  21. Convert the string so it holds only distinct characters
  22. To find maximum of the numbers under Sliding Window
  23. Program to find all the substring using java
  24. To find whether the next element is bigger
  25. Program to print the mismatched characters
  26. Find duplicate word in sentence using java
  27. Program to print dynamic star pattern
  28. Merge two sorted array without duplicates
  29. Program to remove zero and perform operation
  30. Find number of votes of winning candidate
  31. Sort the array based on position without extra space
  32. Reverse the sentence without changing punctuation
  33. Program to find Square number between the range
  34. Sorting the date in ascending order in java
  35. Binary and decimal conversion in java
  36. Reverse the sentence using recursion
  37. Find number of characters on paper
  38. To find new friends in social network program

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