General Guidelines for Programming – Part 1

General guidelines for programming: These are the awesome general guidelines for programming gathered from ‘Code Complete’ Book by Steve McConnel. Type Conversion Make type conversions obvious. Make sure that someone reading your code will be aware of it when a conversion between different data types occurs. In C++ you could say y = x + […]

MyCustomWhatsappStickers Android App

MyCustomWhatsappStickes is an Android application used to create Whatsapp Stickers. Supports all the Whatsapp apps such as GBWhatsapp , Whatsapp Plus , YoWhatsapp App . Features of the App: Create Stickers from the Gallery. Supports Whatsapp , GBWhatsapp  , Whatsapp Plus and YoWhatsapp Application. Delete Already Created Stickers. Steps to Create a Sticker: Download and […]