1. Mandragora forest problem|HackerRank

  2. To delete a node from the singly linked list.

  3. Print sequence of numbers without using loop

  4. Implement bubble sort using recursion

  5. Python program to sort elements using selection sort

  6. To check whether the given number is mono-digit or not

  7. To find the anagram in a string array

  8. To find the next greater element in an array

  9. To print all combinations for the given string

  10. To find number of Grandchildren for a Grandfather

  11. Decode the given digit sequence into the characters

  12. To find strength of the password

  13. Reverse the string without changing index of space

  14. Program to insert 0 after consecutive 1’s

  15. To print the combinations 0’s and 1’s

  16. Sum of digits of a number until the sum is a single digit

  17. To count the digits in a number using recursion

  18. To check whether the number is palindrome or not

  19. To rotate the matrix elements using c

  20. To print Pascal triangle using numbers

  21. Program to encrypt the given string

  22. Program to find sub string in a string

  23. To sort elements in array based on their position

  24. To print numbers in spiral form

  25. Program to print combination of 3 and 4

  26. To print spiral pattern using numbers

  27. To remove characters in string without including alphabets

  28. To print all palindromes present in a word

  29. To print numbers in an inverse spiral form

  30. Print square pattern for the given string

  31. Conversion program from decimal to binary

  32. To find the sum of digits using recursion

  33. To find relationship between two using flames

  34. Conversion program from number to words

  35. To find power of a number using recursion

  36. To find string length using recursion

  37. Program to print diamond pattern using c

  38. To generate Fibonacci series in an inverse spiral form

  39. To find which row has maximum sum in a matrix

  40. Program to print the x-cross pattern

  41. To find the smallest and largest string in a sentence

  42. To print the string pattern using c

  43. Program to print prime numbers up to n

  44. To find string in a matrix using c

  45. To find non-duplicate numbers in an array

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