Zoho Interview Questions | Set 1

Zoho Interview Questions | Set 1

Zoho Interview Questions

Zoho is a product – based company in India. The Work Environment is very good for beginners.  There are more than 45 products in  Zoho. It is also called an operating system for business. These are the list of Zoho Interview Questions with solution. HR round questions  are : what do you  know about zoho, what  is your life aim, rate  yourself from 1-10 in  java/programming, tell me about your final year  project. Questions will  be  easy to solve but efficiency  is important.

  1. To find new friends in social network program

  2. Find number of characters on paper

  3. Reverse the sentence using recursion

  4. Reverse the sentence without changing punctuation

  5. To sort elements in array based on position

  6. Merge two sorted array without duplicates

  7. Program to find all the substring using java

  8. To find maximum of the numbers under Sliding Window

  9. Convert the string so it holds only distinct characters

  10. Print the Maximum possible K digit number


3rd Round Questions:

Call Taxi Booking System | ZOHO 3rd round question


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Sree Hari Sanjeev

The founder of Wisdom Overflow. Software Developer at Zoho Corporation.
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