TechHacks | C Language – In real world

TechHacks | C Language – In real world

C Language in Real world

In this article , we are going to see what are all the places where C programming language is used .

As mentioned in this article title , C program is the ancestor for all the major technologies we are using today by acting as the backend of these technologies such as MySQL ,Python , Android etc . .

  • Android Kernel

      The most trending and popularly used device nowadays is the Android Devices . We all know that the Android is a linux based operating system . The kernel used in the android devices are written in C programming language in order to faster processing and to direct access to the hardware components of the device .

Example of C Code in Android Kernel for Sound Purposes :


  • Android Library Files

      Library files acts as the run time resources for executing specific tasks on the device . One example library file is the which is used for giving support to SQLite feature in android. These library files are mostly written in C and C++ .

Example of C++ Code in for Camera Service :


  • Games

      Nowadays most of the games are hacked within fewer Days/Months of its release . In order to secure the gaming logics the developers use NDK which makes the logics to be written in C/C++ and convert them into an library files .This makes the hackers difficult to hack the game logics . Also one of the major gaming support library called libcocos2dx is written in C++ .

Example of C++ Code in for Games :


  • Python

      Python is also a programming language like C , but it is actually used in fields like data-science , machine learning etc . . due to its large community support . It is also written in the C programming language . You may have a question like : ” Why Python written in C and not in C++ ? “. The answer is that while developing python , C is more standardized and C++ is only started to get its standards .

Example of C Code in Python Source for Time Related Methods :


  • MySQL

      MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database . It is used in most of the popular websites such as Facebook , Twitter and YouTube . It first got released in the year 1995 and till now major of its source codes are written and maintained in C and C++ for faster processing .

Example of C++ Code in MySQL Source for Authorization Service :


  • Embedded Devices

      Ever wondered how devices such as ovens , washing machines etc . . . are working ? . They are running perfectly for how they have coded to do their job . The working codes such as timers , alerts , quantity measures etc . . are written in Embedded C language and are embedded into the microchip on those Machines .

Example of Embedded C Code in Washing Machine for Delay :


  • Kernels

      We are viewing websites which are served by an server which is on some other part of the world. Servers are the systems that serves the requests made by the clients . These systems need to be fast enough to serve and handle lots of its clients requests . So they are powered by the Linux operating system . When it comes to Linux , they are the most efficient resource handling Operating System . These Linux kernels are also written in the C language .

Example of C Code in Linux Kernel for Handling CPU :


      These are all few places where C is used . There are also many places in which C plays an major role . Every device we use there is some sort of C available in them . So this is the reason why C still survives after lot of years . Thats all for today and see you later on another article . This is my first tech article so show your suggestions on this article on the comment sections below . Also suggest some topics that you want to be appear as next article .

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