My Checktronix Interview Experience | 2019

Checktronix  Interview  Experience Hi Friends, I am here to share my On-Campus Checktronix Interview Experience, August 2019. There were 4 rounds. 1st Round : In the first round, they asked 90 MCQ’s which consist of different Sections. Total time given is 90 minutes. Some of the Sections are Aptitude ,Verbal ,Web ,Coding ,Software Engineering ,Probability and […]

MyCustomWhatsappStickers Android App

MyCustomWhatsappStickes is an Android application used to create Whatsapp Stickers. Supports all the Whatsapp apps such as GBWhatsapp , Whatsapp Plus , YoWhatsapp App . Features of the App: Create Stickers from the Gallery. Supports Whatsapp , GBWhatsapp  , Whatsapp Plus and YoWhatsapp Application. Delete Already Created Stickers. Steps to Create a Sticker: Download and […]

Program to Check the Balanced Parentheses in given Expression

This program will Check for Balanced parentheses in the given Expression and Removes the Unbalanced Parentheses . For a well balanced parentheses in a expression there should be no close parentheses at beginning and no open parentheses at the ending . Also inner parentheses should have their respective matching parentheses in correct order . Input […]