My Mistral Solutions Interview Experience | 2019

My Mistral Solutions Interview Experience | 2019


Hi friends, Here i share my Mistral Solutions interview experience July 2019. There were 5 rounds. Mistral Solutions is a technology design and system engineering company providing end-to-end services for product development and deployment.

1st Round:

This round was MCQ Round.

They asked 15 Questions in each section. They give 30 minutes for each section.

Each section consists of

  • Aptitude Section: Aptitude, Verbal, Logical reasoning.
  • Software Section: C, C++, Java, OS related questions.
  • Hardware Section: I have not attended this section.

Aptitude section is compulsory for all. Software and hardware are chosen based an their interest either hardware or software or else both section.

Negative marks are given for incorrect answers.

2nd Round:

This round was Essay Writing Round.

The topic given are Bluetooth, encoding and decoding….etc.We have to select one topic and have to write an essay about it.

3rd Round:

This round was the programming Round.

  • To print the number pattern.

Mistral Solutions

  •  To replace the word in the file. Bangalore is replaced with Bengaluru.

I/P: Bangalore is an electronic city.And Bangalore is capital of Karnataka.

O/P: Bengaluru is an electronic city.And Bengaluru is capital of Karnataka.

  • Reverse the number by using recursion.

I/P: 12345

O/P: 54321

  • To reverse the given sentence.

I/P: Wisdom Overflow

O/P: Overflow Wisdom

  • Remove an element from a Circular Linked List.

4th Round:

It is technical and HR interview.
      Technical interview:

  • Structure and Union.
  • Call by value and call by reference.
  • Global static variable.
  • About JavaScript.
  • About My Project.

And asked some other questions related to coding

HR interview:

In this round they asked about me and my family.In which sector you able to work. Are you comfortable with team work. Are you interested in higher studies….etc.

And something related to their work.

5th Round:

This round is Group Discussion.Topic is “Mobile phone is Boon or Bane”. Total duration of this round is 25 minutes.

Finally, I got selected 🙂

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