Number pattern in C language

Number pattern in C language

Question: Write a C program to print the below number pattern

Explanation for number pattern:

From the above image we can see number decreases if the column value is greater than or equal to row value.


  • Get the input from the user which is n.
  • Both the row and column size is n.
  • Store the n value into the temp variable to print the pattern
  • Decrement the temp value only if column value(j) is greater than or equal to row value(i)
  • Repeat the above conditions in a loop to get the pattern

Brief explanation:

  • Let us consider input n=5 and then go to the loop to print the pattern
  • The outer loop executes for 5 times which is the row size
  • And inner loop also do the same but for column size which is 5
  • For the first row temp value is 5 and it is not going to decrement because column value (i = 5) is not greater than or equal to column value (j = 4,3,2,1,0)
  • In the next row is print the first column value (temp = 5) and then check the condition it is true then decrement the value of (temp = 4) then print remaining column values
  • Same thing will happen for remaining rows, at last will get the number pattern


#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int n;
    int i,j;
    int temp;
    printf("Enter the Input:");
    scanf("%d", &n);

    for (i = n; i > 0; i--)
        temp = n; //Storing the number of rows in a temp variable
        for(j = n - 1; j >= 0; j--)
             printf("%d ",temp); //Print the temp variable start with value (n)
             if(j >= i) //Decrement the temp value only if column value is greater than or equal to row value
       printf("\n"); //new line to print values in next row

    return 0;

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