Search an element in a sorted and rotated array

Search an element in a sorted and rotated array

Search an element in a sorted and rotated array

Search an element in a sorted and rotated array in ascending order. For example, 1 2 3 4 5 might become 3 4 5 1 2.




  • The basic idea is to find the pivot point, which is the only element has smaller element to its next
  • Divide the array into two sub-arrays using pivot point and perform a binary search operation.
  • Finding pivot Point:
    – Find the middle element of the array
    – Check mid element is smaller than its left element, if yes mid – 1 is the pivot
    – if no Check mid element is greater than its right element, if yes mid is the pivot
    – if no Check mid element is less than first element, repeat above steps with first half
    – Otherwise repeat above steps with Second half
  • Finally will get the pivot element
  • Check the pivot element is key element
  • Else check the pivot element is less than or equal to first element in the array, proceed for binary search operation for first half of the array
  • Otherwise check with second half of the array



/*Search an element in a sorted and rotated array*/


/*To find pivot point */
int findPivot(int arr[],int start,int end)
             int mid;
             if (start > end)
                    return -1;
             if(start == end)
                    return end;
             mid = (start + end) / 2;
             if(arr[mid] < arr[mid - 1])
                    return(mid - 1);
             if(arr[mid] > arr[mid + 1])
                    return mid;
             if(arr[start] >= arr[mid])
                    return findPivot(arr,start,mid - 1);
             return findPivot(arr,mid + 1,end);

/*To find a element in array using binary search*/
int binarySearch(int arr[],int start,int end,int elementToFind)
            int mid;
            if (start > end)
                   return -1;
            mid = (start + end) / 2;
            if(elementToFind == arr[mid])
                   return mid;
            if(arr[mid] < elementToFind)
                   return binarySearch(arr,mid + 1,end,elementToFind);
                   return binarySearch(arr,start,mid - 1,elementToFind);


void main()
           int arr[]={16,72,100,104,4,8,15};
           int size = sizeof(arr) / sizeof(arr[0]);
           int pivot;
           int elementToFind = 100;
           int Index;

           pivot = findPivot(arr,0,size);

           if(arr[pivot] == elementToFind)
                   Index = pivot;
                   if(arr[0] <= elementToFind)
                            Index = binarySearch(arr,0,pivot - 1,elementToFind);
                            Index = binarySearch(arr,pivot + 1,size - 1,elementToFind);
          if(Index == -1)
                   printf("Key element not found\n");
                   printf("Key element index:%d\n",Index);

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