Zoho Interview Questions | Set 2

Zoho Interview Questions | Set 2

Zoho Interview Questions

Zoho is a product – based company in India. The Work Environment is very good for beginners.  There are more than 45 products in  Zoho. It is also called an operating system for business. These are the list of Zoho Interview Questions with solution. HR round questions  are : what do you  know about zoho, what  is your life aim, rate  yourself from 1-10 in  java/programming, tell me about your final year  project. Questions will  be  easy to solve but efficiency  is important.

  1. To print all combinations for the given string

  2. To find the anagram in a string array

  3. To rotate the matrix elements using c

  4. Program to find sub string in a string

  5. Print square pattern for the given string

  6. Program to print diamond pattern using c

  7. Program to print the x-cross pattern

  8. To find which row has maximum sum in a matrix

  9. To print the string pattern using c

  10. To print spiral pattern using numbers


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