Zoho Interview Experience | July 2019

Zoho Interview Experience | July 2019

On-Campus Interview Experience

This is an on-campus zoho interview experience of john studying in Knowledge College of Engineering, Salem.



This round contained both aptitude and Output prediction of C program, based on that we were divided into two groups.


Question 1:

Word will be given which is always odd length then you have to print the following pattern. Solution in our site: Middle String Pattern

Note: you have to tell the logic first if they are satisfied then only they will allow you to write the code. The solution should be optimal.

Question 2:

Alternative Sorting

Solution in our site: Alternative Sorting based on position

Question 3:

You have to print the top 3 repeated number in the array.  Testcases are given in the below image.


Structure and data structure based questions. We had to construct a family tree( father and son).

I used tree data structure with each node having name and relation. I used java.

This post described zoho inteview experience. you can find more zoho interview questions in the links given below,

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