Invoice Management System | ZOHO 3rd round

Invoice Management System The code should satisfy the criteria given below. They should able to add customer. They should able to add an invoice for a customer. Add items for a specific invoice. Display all customer details. Display all invoice details. Display all invoices for a specific customer. Display details of an invoice. Invoice Management […]

Square Diagonal Star Pattern | Java

Diagonal Star pattern Write a  program to print diagonal star pattern.  If number is < 5, the method should print “Invalid Value“. The method should print diagonals to generate a rectangular pattern composed of stars (*). This should be accomplished by using loops (see examples below). EXAMPLE INPUT/OUTPUT: EXAMPLE 1 printSquareStar(5); should print the following: […]

Zoho Interview Experience | July 2019

On-Campus Interview Experience This is an on-campus zoho interview experience of john studying in Knowledge College of Engineering, Salem.   First-round This round contained both aptitude and Output prediction of C program, based on that we were divided into two groups. Second-round Question 1: Word will be given which is always odd length then you […]