Introduction to Embedded Technologies

Hi folks, I’m working on embedded technologies majorly on Linux software. Here I would like to summarize the stuffs that I have learned so far. Below are the technologies that can be present in a typical high-end complex embedded system. Processor(s) – widely ARM processor is being used Serial interfaces UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter […]

Our New Company | 10% referral offer

Ecommerce Development Company Authors of Wisdom Overflow have started a new company SYNCFORT.COM – Ecommerce Development company. We are sure that e-commerce is going to get bigger because of this lockdown. Slowly people will move towards shopping online. Their first preference will be e-commerce. It is safer, easier, instant, and profitable. Ecommerce is something like […]

General Guidelines for Programming – Part 1

General guidelines for programming: These are the awesome general guidelines for programming gathered from ‘Code Complete’ Book by Steve McConnel. Type Conversion Make type conversions obvious. Make sure that someone reading your code will be aware of it when a conversion between different data types occurs. In C++ you could say y = x + […]